Benefits of VCO |初榨椰子油的好处

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil:

  • Virgin Coconut Oil contains 90% saturated fatty acids, which is Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs can be absorbed by the body quickly providing quick energy source; therefore, less likely to be stored as fat.

  • Anti-viral, anti-fungal and antibacterial  – because of caprylic acid and lauric acid content in coconut oil.

  • Increase metabolic rate – coconut oil stimulates metabolism, which burns more calories and provides immediate source of energy.

  • Healthy for skin, hair, and nails – coconut oil moisturizing and soften the skin, which slow down skin aging and wrinkles.

  • Instant energy – coconut oil is easy to digest, results to better store glycogen and immediate source of energy.

  • Good immune system – because of lauric acid contain in coconut oil.

  • Support healthy thyroid function – saturated fat and lauric acid balance the hormones, which stimulate the activity and proper functioning of thyroid gland.

  • Improves digestion – results to better absorption of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins.

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  • 初榨椰子油含有90%饱和脂肪酸,即中链甘油三酯(MCTs)。 MCT可迅速被人体吸收,提供快速的能量来源;因此,不太可能存储为脂肪。

  • 抗病毒,抗真菌和抗菌 – 因为椰子油中的辛酸和月桂酸含量。

  • 提高新陈代谢率 – 椰子油刺激新陈代谢,消耗更多的热量,并提供直接的能量来源。

  • 对皮肤,头发和指甲有益 – 椰子油可以保湿和软化皮肤,减缓皮肤老化和皱纹。

  • 即时能量 – 椰子油易于消化,可以更好地储存糖原和直接的能量来源。

  • 良好的免疫系统 – 因为椰子油中含有月桂酸。

  • 支持健康的甲状腺功能 – 饱和脂肪和月桂酸平衡激素,刺激甲状腺的活动和正常功能。

  • 改善消化 – 更好地吸收矿物质,营养素和维生素。